5 Common Retirement Mistakes

“I realize I’m taking a little more out of my portfolio than I’d like, but there’s probably enough money to last me through retirement.”

“I’m regularly spending a little more than I should but I’m sure it will work out.”

These may sound like minor mistakes, but over time they can add up. At 85 or 90 years old, if you make a financial mistake, chances are you will be fine; but if you make that same mistake at 65, when you potentially have another 20-30 years of life ahead, there’s a very good chance that mistake will be compounded over time.

In this show, we talk about 5 common mistakes people make during retirement that greatly increase the likelihood of them outliving their savings. Listen in.

Why You Should Care About Long Term Care

Not knowing what health needs one might have down the road is a major cause of worry for those who are retired or close to it. There’s a lot of confusion about long term care insurance and in this show we’ll answer a few questions about it:

  • what is is
  • what are the odds of needing it
  • how much does it cost
  • ways to pay for it
  • how to use it Long Term Care insurance to pay for LTC

Listen in.

Client Webinar Q&A – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of our most recent quarterly Client Webinar, a chance for our clients to ask questions and receive answers in a live conversation with us to which they are welcome to invite family and friends. Listen in.

Knowledge is Power

Retirement is the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make; you can’t afford to mess it up. It has been compared to a second career. Just like the career you had during your working years, you have to have the knowledge for it. You need to know how to retire. Retirement has also been compared to a puzzle – there are many different pieces that make it up, such as Social  Security, IRA and retirement accounts, RMDs, Medicare, investment strategies. In this show, we talk about the different types of financial advisors and how to choose one. Listen in.

Quarterly Client Q&A – Part 1

Every quarter, our Providence Financial clients have the opportunity to attend a live webinar, invite their family and friends to submit questions and have a conversation with me about all matters related to retirement. Here’s our latest webinar – if you enjoy part 1, make sure to listen to part 2 next Thursday, September 14.

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Here are Providence Financial, our goal is for you to have a stress-free retirement. After being a retirement advisor for almost 25 years, I’ve realized that most retirees are afraid of the same things – and many of them aren’t even aware they’re afraid.

Here are some common fears:
– fear of dying itself
– fear of how you’re going to die
– fear of what will happen to your stuff once you’re gone
– fear of having to go into a nursing home or assisted living and not having the money to pay for it
– fear of running out of money before you run out of life

Knowledge and preparation are power and can bring peace of mind. Listen in for more.