Interest Rates – What Can We Expect and How Will It Impact Retirees

“What will the Federal Reserve do with interest rates in the near future and how will it affect my retirement?” This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind lately, as news reports about the state of the economy come out seemingly weekly. The problem is, the leading authorities are great at spinning these reports in whatever way suits them best.

Apparently, the FED is getting inflation under control and GDP is slowing down to around 1%/year compared to 3.7% last year. The 10 year Treasury had been hovering around 4.6%, then dropped to 4.5%, then to. 4.4% just 2 days after the CCI report came.

This is important because when interest rates go up, the value of all financial assets tends to go down; the opposite is also true. So what’s happening now is that everyone is speculating as to when the FED will start lowering interest rates. Listen in for my thoughts.

The Income Method v. the Withdrawal Method

Why is it so important to generate income through interest and dividends rather than through the withdrawal method? In this show, we explain the difference between the income method and the withdrawal method (selling shares). If you’ve been following our show for any length of time, you can probably guess which method we highly favor over the other. Listen in.

3 Tips for Thriving in Retirement

How do you have a successful retirement? I’ve been a financial advisor for a quarter of a century and I’ve met many happy and fulfilled retirees, but also many who are not so happy and are even miserable.

When people retire and they don’t have anything to retire for, they frequently end up passing away early. It’s because they have nothing much to live for anymore. A successful retirement is not just defined by how much money you have saved; but by the goals you have set for yourself as you enter this new phase of life.

We retire to live, not to die. What if you live another 30 years? You need to be moving towards something; to have a purpose. How do you do that? Listen in.

The Perils of Procrastination: Why Delaying Retirement Planning Can Sabotage Your Future

As a general rule, being proactive is better than being reactive. While there are certainly situations when waiting is the wise thing to do, there is a difference between that and procrastinating on what we already know we should be doing. That’s definitely true about finances and especially as it relates to setting up a proper strategy to invest for and secure your retirement.

In this show, we’ll talk about different areas where people tend to procrastinate in when it comes to retirement planning. Some of these can be quite costly, so listen in.

Behind the Bias – A Closer Look at Financial Advice

You may have never given much thought as to how many of your decisions are made based on biases that are mostly unconscious. How you look at life is based on your biases and preconceived ideas that help you form your opinions which in turn lead to your actions.

In this week’s show, I cover 10 hidden biases related to your finances and your retirement. Listen in.