Stock Market Cheerleaders

When you think about cheerleaders, they root for their team no matter how the team is performing. They may be being clubbered by halftime but the cheerleaders keep going in order to try and keep the team’s spirits up and the fans excited about the game (or they may not buy a ticket again). Because when you think about it, sports are a business, and their goal is to get fans to buy tickets or merchandise or any conceivable team logo gadgets the mind can come up with.

It’s no different with stock brokers. Their goal is to get you to buy stocks or at least to not sell the ones you have. Regardless of whether or not the stock market is doing well or is in a nosedive, stock brokers are still out there with their pom-poms, cheering you on to stay at the casino table. Are you risking too much?

Listen in.