Are You Making These Money-Wasting Mistakes in Retirement?

It’s all about income on today’s show: we’re going to talk about ways that you may be wasting money during retirement or may be leaving money on the table through unclaimed benefits you’re not taking advantage of or investment strategies you’re not aware of.

Some people have actually saved enough money where they can retire with as much income as they need; most of you may not be able to do that and may have to cut back on expenses a bit.

The income equation has two sides: offense and defense.
On the offensive side:
– are you investing properly and trying to maximize your income?
– where can you save money?
– can you get more money from Social Security or from your investments?
– do you have too much money sitting in the bank earning nothing?

On the defensive side:
– are you spending too much?
– should you downsize your home?
– do you have the wrong type of health care coverage?
– do you have major expenses with parents and children at the same time?

Listen in for more.