6 Proactive Moves to Secure Your Retirement

When it comes to retirement, taking a “wait and see and hope for the best” approach is not the smartest way to go. Yet that’s what a lot of people do who come to me in the 10th hour, 3 months before retirement, expecting me to basically work magic and “make it all work out”. In many cases, that’s possible; but it would have been so much better if they had been proactive and started planning ahead of time. Just like you don’t plan a month-long international trip the week before, you shouldn’t wait until last minute to plan for 2-3 decades in retirement.

Here are 6 areas that you can be proactive in:

  1. start at least a decade away from the time you think you will want to retire
  2. pick your Social Security strategy wisely
  3. investment planning
  4. tax planning
  5. plan for Required Minimum Distributions
  6. estate planning

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